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The Group

Contec Group started his activity in 1984 as a joint stock company by joining brilliant Insurance professionals willing to compete with the new professional profile the market was directed to.

The Group has been granted appropriate financial funds and assets administrations to carry out the necessary investments for structure, surveyors network and informatics developments.

Said investments allowed the Group to develop multi- categories risk branches all operative both for surveys and for risk management.

The two branches of the Group activities are represented by two separated companies : Contec mainly aimed to claims management and Contec Marine expressly dedicated to survey activities.

The two companies are ruled by a single financial holding company.

By splitting in two the Group activities, enabled to better focus the specific “core business” area and to achieve highly professional staff for each business branch.

At the same time the possibility to offer an integrated service is guaranteed by a a common IT platform connecting all branches and achieving great standard of high technical performance and efficiency.

Traditionally our Group operates in marine sector; however the increasingly management experience of high claims frequency policies lead us to the development of a multi-branch software.

By that implements and by an appropriate training of our personnel, the Group has been successfully enlarged its activity assets.

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